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Welcome to my Archive!

This page exists as a permanent host for all my Columbine content,
as well as a few oddball links :)

  • All my edits, including ones tiktok has removed, are uploaded here: Telegram Channel :)
  • Gallery: a bunch of pictures and GIFs of Dylan and Eric, permanently hosted on neocities and dated or labelled to the best of my abilities.

  • Masterlist: Everything Columbine on my website, besides the gallery mentioned above

  • My Stuff: Links to various things I've made!

  • Art: gallery of all of my true crime-related art.
  • I also have a telegram channel for this: Art Telegram :D

  • Files & More: A compilation of links I think are interesting, mostly criminology & forensics related.

  • Twitter: my main Twitter!
  • I also have some other socials:

    art Twitter: @drugagvinstwar

    priv Twitter: @drvgagainstw4r

    Pixiv: Juke!

    TikTok: @jukejntj3zebel